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The daily cruise across the Saronic gulf islands isn’t just a trip in three magical Greek treasures, Hydra, Poros and Aegina. It’s much more than that. What\\\'s included? \\r\\n➢ Transfers from/to your hotel or closest available to your apartment\\r\\n➢ Onboard buffet lunch\\r\\n➢ Live orchestra on board\\r\\nThe cruise ship leaves and sails at 8:15 sharp for the first stop-off on the island of Hydra. The free time to roam and get to know the island is one hour, it’s quite enough to explore the unique island. Back to the cruise ship heading towards the island of Poros, this is apart from Peloponesse by a narrow strait, offering a most charming view of Poros town. Pleasure time in Poros will be roughly 60 minutes. Boarding the cruise ship on a two hours sail we shall arrive to the beautiful Aegina island, where you have the option (regarding time) either to visit the Athena Afea Temple or to enjoy the close bleu water beach. One and a half hour of spending time is just enough to feel the vibe of the Island. Boarding the cruise ship lunch will be served during the voyage, a relaxing time to enjoy while sailing. At afternoon time we will reach the port, where you will get to transfer by coach to your hotel.\\r\\nGet on board and experience the harmonious combination of Greek hospitality and multicultural co-existence. People from all over the world, joined together, on the same wooden deck. A big group of people of different nationalities, customs and cultures, along with the unique Greek hospitality and entertainment, will travel like never before. They’ll dance and sing together. From the moment the captain announces “full ahead” until the ship is anchored to the final port. And all this, while sailing across the deep blue Mediterranean waters, enjoying our tasty foods and delicacies.\\r\\n \\r\\nEvery visitor, boarding on the ship, will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty Mediterranean breakfast, alongside the wonderful view and the clear blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. At noon, just when you start feeling hungry, the pleasure blasts off thanks to the freshly cooked delicacies prepared daily from our distinguished chef, inspired by the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes made out of chosen, pure and fresh ingredients, composing a gastronomic journey of taste, for all of our guests.\\r\\nNot only our live orchestra, with its beautiful sounds but also our live and cheerful dancing group, will give the visitors a taste of the Greek entertainment, bringing everyone together, singing and dancing on the sea.\\r\\nOn our two wonderful bars that are on-board, our professional bartenders serve the most exquisite, colorful and tasty cocktails.\\r\\nShopping on board: Is there a better way to shop while sailing in the open sea? In the “Follie-Follie” shop, which is on-board, you’ll find a great variety of exceptional jewelry and high-end accessories and mostly, at great and extremely advantageous prices, since shopping on board is completely duty-free.\\r\\n

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Anonymous 10 days ago

This product was great in terms of quality. I would definitely buy another!

Anonymous 12 days ago

I've alredy ordered another one!

Anonymous 15 days ago

I've seen some better than this, but not at this price. I definitely recommend this item.

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