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XPERIENCELOCAL, determines the terms and conditions that apply to users of our website services and the host of local experiences events.

1.- XPERIENCELOCAL declares, it is understood that our website users know and accept, that contracting any of our services and offers of local experiences, are conditioned to the present terms and conditions, which expressly declare that accept when entering our website. Any request for services and offers with intervening third parties does not entail XPERIENCELOCAL, to any responsibility, for which the users will have to determine with the intervening third parties, the terms and conditions that will govern in the provision of their services and offers. It is also understood that the present terms and conditions may be constituted, modified or replaced, when XPERIENCELOCAL deems it appropriate or convenient, of immediate applicability at the time of its publication on the website. Our website XPERIENCELOCAL solemnly offers a connection between users and local hosts without having any responsibility or taking part of any of the events. Therefore, XPERIENCELOCAL could not be hold liability for the following occurence: Thefts, Health issues or unexpected situations regarding third parties.

2.- XPERIENCELOCAL services and offers. XPERIENCELOCAL, is a company of tourist services and related activities, offered on its website at the disposal and requirement of its users, according to the conditions set out therein. Any modification or alteration of the services and offers contained in the web, will have to be notified to the users via web and thus it is accepted by the intervening persons. The contracting of services and offers of XPERIENCELOCAL, may be contracted by users by sending an email, expressly determined on the web, and XPERIENCELOCAL, once confirmed the availability or not of the requirements at the request of users, notify your results via email to the requesting party.

3.- XPERIENCELOCAL. costs and payments. XPERIENCELOCAL, determines on its website, the costs of providing its services and offers to users. Any modification or alteration of the fixed costs for any activity can not be modified, once the user has effectively payed the entire payment for XPERIENCELOCAL. Once the service and contracted offer has been finalized, the user will be issued the corresponding final invoice, with the express determination of costs, taxes, fees or rewards, derived from it. XPERIENCELOCAL, expressly determines on its website, the methods of payment by users for the contracting of their services and offers. All service and offer by XPERIENCELOCAL, is required of its total payment by users on the immediate booking date. In case of cancellation of the service and offer required, by the user, must be notified with no less than 72hrs .(3) days in advance of the agreed date, in which case XPERIENCELOCAL, will not reimburse any of the total cost paid by the user. Otherwise, thenon-enjoyment or enjoyment of the service and No Show by the user by the user without notice, XPERIENCELOCAL, will not reimburse any of the total cost paid by the user. If the notice of cancellation is more than 72 hours (3) days we will reimburse the 80% of the total amount paid by the user. In case of cancellation of the service and offer required, by XPERIENCELOCAL or event user, the user must be notified with no less than (1) day from the decision made, in which case XPERIENCELOCAL, will reimburse the 100% of the total cost paid by the user. Cancellation concerning the event creators: Cancellation is not permitted to be occured exempt of the cancellation of the event in the same date which is due to, only in the case of weather circumstances and higher power force. For any case proof will be required. Ex given, if the weather is thunders we will require of the weather full report , a notice of cancellation to the user of the same day of the experience If a host Cancels an event without notice or without a higher force occurrence, it will have repercussion and on the 3rd breach in a given year will be forced out of the website XPERIENCELOCAL.

5.- XPERIENCELOCAL. Insurance XPERIENCELOCAL, declares that all services and offers on the web have been previously studied and evaluated for their veracity, security and quality for the enjoyment and enjoyment of its users. However, every user assumes under his account and risk any liability arising from the services and offers contracted. XPERIENCELOCAL, recommends to its users the contracting of an integral insurance coverage of travelers during the whole stay or stay in the national territory, in defense of their health and safety.

6.- XPERIENCELOCAL. Complaints or complaints. XPERIENCELOCAL, declares that any complaint or claim on the part of its users will be duly and timely addressed, for which purpose it must be sent via email determined on the web, which will be processed and issued its due attention and response through that same via, in a timely manner and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.

7.- XPERIENCELOCAL. Intellectual property. XPERIENCELOCAL, determinants, that all the content of its web page, which includes licenses, texts, images, graphics, design, denominations and any element that comprises it, is its exclusive property or ownership. Likewise, this is expressly prohibited, any use or disposition, total or partial, without the previous authorization of its owners.

8.- XPERIENCELOCAL., Declares that any participant, participant or user of the services and offers contained on its website, are subject to the legislation in force and applicable in the territory of Greece Consequently, any intervener, participant or user, who directly or indirectly relates to the activities offered, declares to submit expressly to the laws and other applicable regulations.

9.- Taxes applicable. Every host will be liable to pay his on taxes that receives from XPERIENCELOCAL. We will invoice all our event creators. Meaning that you will need to do your own income tax yearly and declare the amount received the particular year..

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